I need an Atlas to find Cloud Atlas

by admin on 2019年10月12日

An ambitious and daring attempt at such a large and convoluted
storyline. Although many may argue, I believe the result is an
overwhelming success and I cannot imagine how the directive team could
have done it any better. Each plot of Cloud Atlas is entertaining in
their own way and their message is transferred through different means
(i.e. by different genres). Cloud Atlas digs into questions regarding
human nature and multiple other important factions of life. Other movies
would have trouble attempting to touch upon any one of these questions,
but Cloud Atlas attempts to ask them all. But the bottom line is that
Cloud Atlas is a movie, and it actually is a rather poor one considering
in order to truly understand the premise behind it, it requires us to do
some research and reading, multiple viewings might not even help. How
can you consider it a good movie if you cannot extract its meanings and
values from the big screen itself? The idea is 5 stars, but perhaps the
premise behind Cloud Atlas to too big to be a truly important movie.


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