Fantastic Mr. Fox

by admin on 2019年9月26日

Love the mood and atmosphere that Wes Anderson is now masterful at.
Fantastic visuals and sound make Fantastic Mr. Fox an enjoyable film.
Wes Anderson’s ability at inserting odd, yet effective musical
interludes and witty dialogues has really become his trademark. Anderson
also has the knack at coming up with the most interesting characters,
and since this is a animations, these characters are accompanied by
hilarious animal or human models. Although the story is really rather
simplistic, but there is a deeper value in its simplicity, underneath
the plot lies a lesson about human nature

Zootopia is an awesomely adorable movie about a world where animals walk
like humans. And like humans, they suffer from a host of problems like
discrimination (just because I’m a cute bunny doesn’t mean I can’t knock
your lights out).

图片 1

I liked the timing as the ‘white people’s choice awards’ has just
happened and this movie is about showing the world it is not about WHAT
you are but about WHO you are, to never give up and that there are good
and bad sorts everywhere.

Today, found is a profound experience, we go to chase the bustling about
it every day, to have somethings, don’t stop chasing, but it always, we
can really have only our flesh, this is what we can really feel,  that
is really belongs to us forever, the end of life guidance.

Points I liked were the quality of the characters and animations. I
liked the idea of them trying to make a Utopia for all the different
species to live together. I loved them using animals to poke at real
life situations (sloths). I also really liked how the main character is
a cute female bunny but is still very cool.

In the past , we have always touched our bodies on healthy level,
because if we are sick , then our bodies may be lose vitality. The body
lost vitality, we are no, so we have to cherish our body. But from
another point of view, we can really have is our body in our lives. Any
of our ideals and ideals are the body of our dreams. You want to go far,
you have to let your foot to walk, you want to love a person, you will
express your love, you will to say, to write to think. Human beings are
different from animals. We have ideas, and our actions serve our
thoughts. Animals are also more actions and thought , but their thoughts
are single and simple. Only person such as a high level of complexity of
the animal, because of the complex thinking, and the rule of the whole
world. And because we have free health body, and the body with a thought
away, we are so out of the ordinary.

Points I didn’t like were the lack of explanation for missing animals
like birds, reptiles and (maybe) monkeys. It was also too ‘clean’ too
easy and a bit predictable.

So, our body is really the first to cherish the body of the object. How
do you care for your body, Your mind is in line with your body, you can
really realize the dream of your heart.

Overall I really enjoyed it and will definitely watch it again (and
maybe even again) but I wouldn’t say I fell in love with it.

Just as myself, I want to be a beautiful woman. I talk to my body every
day, to tell them how to grow, to grow into what I want to be. Every day
to see my face, touch my face, to further tell my face, how do you want
to grow, to become the one and only me. At the same time, with the help
of my tools, let me be reborn faster. Today I met TST live yeast, you
feel is right, when you meet your body like, the body will talking, the
skin is the speech and expression. Since my skin has been like TST very
much,  I will understand the composition of the TST, content, why my
skin will like it?

p.s. Quite liked the coincidence that my name is Nick and that my wife
is a Bunny.

It is a wonderful living yeast. Live yeast mask contains three kinds of
bacteria are:

Beer yeast, Lactobacillus, and yogurt extract.

Beer yeast by fermentation and has anti-aging, anti wrinkle efficacy.

Lactic acid bacteria from Mexico and Northern California, north of the
North American fermentation of the grass, with a safe moisturizing,
repair the effect;

Yogurt extract in New Zealand milk as raw material, has whitening

Three kinds of bacteria to carry out their duties, like three channels,
quickly arrived safely at the damaged parts of the skin.

There is always a lot of amazing things in our world, it is to be
developed and understood. We always think that we have understood the
master of this world a lot, always think that human beings have been
very strong, but in nature, in fact, we are still very small.


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